17 February 2016

The Art of the 'In-Box'

One of our lidded paper trays made with Il Papiro's beautiful brown
peacock hand marbled paper. By special order via www.parvumopus.com

We've had a run on our 'in-box' paper trays recently. Perhaps, like me, our clients are making the best of the winter months to tidy up their workspaces. Here are a few lovely examples, showcasing some of the world's loveliest papers:

A lidded in-box tray made with a red fleurs de lys pattern,
made by Rossi in Italy. More details at www.parvumopus.com.

For this example, we used a beautiful hand silk-screened
Chiyogami paper from Japan. All of the ball handles for
our paper trays are carefully painted to coordinate
with each paper pattern. 

Here, we used another Chiyogami paper, this time in tones of
gray and rust. I never tire of working with such lovely papers.

A desk organizer tray jacketed in Rossi's turquoise
Florentine paper. 

For this in-box project, we used a vintage world map design.

paper tray desk tidy, www.parvumopus.com
Rossi's classic red Florentine paper is always a popular choice for our
clients, and this paper tray design shows it off nicely. 

Sure to cheer you up on a cloudy day, this lidded paper tray's
yellow hand-marbled paper is made in France. I imagine the desk this
belongs to is the site of some fascinating work!

It was a pleasure to make each of these paper trays, and there are several more in progress at this very moment-- how wonderful. We of course invite you to visit our website to see more of our custom desk furnishings, or inquire about a bespoke project of your own. 

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