02 November 2015

Desk Calendars, Looking Back...

The 2016 desk calendar from Parvum Opus... How the time has flown!

As our new calendar for the coming year is flying out the door (I'm impressed at how organized our clientele is, as always-- I won't start my own holiday shopping for quite some time!), I'm feeling nostalgic for all of the beautiful objets d'art that I've had the privilege to study and paint over the last five years. Here, starting with the new batch, is a little trip down memory lane...

The paintings for 2016 include beautiful objects from all over the world, and spanning thousands of years in age. Click here to learn more.

The paintings for 2015-- that tea caddy in the top row is one of my personal favorites:


And here are the motifs from 2014:

 And 2013:

And lastly, 2012:

We actually began producing calendars on a very small scale for friends and family in 2010, but sadly, those images have been lost. Even still, it's lovely to look back through five years' worth of these small jewels and think of all the hours happily spent minutely observing these beautiful treasures of the decorative arts. We certainly hope that all of you who have purchased calendars for yourselves and as gifts will find them beautiful and useful throughout the coming year!

Parvum Opus desk calendars are available for purchase as a boxed set, refill folio, or simply the cards and easels 'a la carte'. We invite you to visit The Parvum Opus Shop to learn more.


  1. Hello Erika, So nice to see this retrospective of your paintings. Each jewel-like miniature is a real homage to the artwork that inspired it.

  2. Hello hello Jim--
    It's been such a long time! I hope you are well. Thanks very much for your message-- you are much too kind. The calendars continue to be popular (amazing given the number of lovely choices out there...), which gives me a great excuse to spend hours and hours looking at beautiful decorative arts pieces from all over the world... Selfish, I know!

    Warmest regards,

  3. Dear Erika,

    Your 2016 calendar is lovely, and I enjoy the montage of months from the past. I notice that you have a very balanced selection, not just of beautiful objects, but of colorful ones, too. The Fabergé egg from 2013 has always been one of my favorites.

  4. Hi there Mark!
    Thank you for your message and very kind words-- as always, you are too kind! Work has kept me away from the world of blogs for a while and I'm sad to see that you've retired... It's of course a well-deserved retirement, as your beautiful blog was so labor-intensive... Thank goodness the archive survives-- it's such a rich resource of fascinating posts and I'll of course be looking back for many years to come! I hope all is well & send warm regards, Erika

    1. Thanks for saying that. I will of course be visiting Parvum Opus and staying in touch!

      With best wishes, Mark

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