22 September 2014

New Projects

Grande French Curve Letter Sorter by Parvum Opus
The new Grande French Curve Letter Sorter, made to order 
in hundreds of paper patterns. This beautiful blue palmette pattern
is made by Rossi. 

Whew, it's been such a busy summer at the bindery! I hope this post finds all of my blogging friends well and enjoying the autumn. In my attempts to compose the best new post possible after such a long absence, I thought it best to simply share some of our favorite recent projects. I hope these colorful images speak for themselves, and that they might also hint at the great pleasure we take in crafting each one. 

Archival Storage Boxes by Parvum Opus
An Archival Storage Box made with one of our favorite papers, a
vintage Italian map design, made by Cavallini. 

Petite French Curve Letter Sorter by Parvum Opus
A new Petite French Curve Letter Sorter, made with a cheerful fleurs de lys
patterned paper by Rossi.

Hexagonal Pencil Cup and Note Tray by Parvum Opus
A bespoke Hexagonal Pencil Cup and Note Tray with matching
golf pencils made with our client's vintage hand-blocked paper.

Desk Organizers by Parvum Opus
A Stacking Desk Organizer and matching Pencil Holder, made using our client's
Italian wedding paper.

Desk Sets by Parvum Opus
A Desk Set including a desk pad, lidded pencil tray, a pen and pencil holder,
8 1/2" x 11" paper tray, and 2 note folios. In this case, our client selected a beautiful turquoise Florentine paper by Rossi and dark brown Italian book cloth.

Journals and Archival Boxes by Parvum Opus
A bespoke Journal and matching Archival Box, jacketed in a beautiful
Japanese Chiyogami paper in shades of gray and orange.

Paper Trays by Parvum Opus
Paper Trays by Parvum Opus
A couple of views of our new Paper Trays, made in four sizes and
an array of stunning patterned papers.

Refillable Notepad Folios by Parvum Opus
A refillable Notepad Folio in one of our new paper selections,
a pea-green hand-marbled paper from France. 

Clamshell Boxes by Parvum Opus
A bespoke modified Clamshell Box, made to our client's
specifications, and using another French hand-marbled paper, this time
in shades of violet.

Desk Set by Parvum Opus
A bespoke Desk Set in a paper chosen by our client, a green
and blue floral by Rossi.

Desk Pads and Letter Sorters by Parvum Opus
A Desk Pad and Petite Letter Sorter made in Cavallini's vintage
world map paper, paired with Italian book cloth in a deep wine color.

Folding Travel Picture Frames by Parvum Opus
A gaggle of Travel Picture Frames made for a wedding party, again
featuring the turquoise Florentine paper by Rossi. 

.....And so on, and so on... The cheerful work continues...!


  1. Hello Erika, I understand the value of having beautiful and high quality desk accessories. When I did printing, I worked with some extremely beautiful papers, and it always struck me as incongruous that their future storage until used would be in cheap paper wrappers or flimsy pasteboard boxes.

    Also, I have often noted in rare book libraries how older collectors had beautiful Solander cases constructed, featuring leather, marbled papers, and of all the book-binder's art, in order to honor and befit their precious contents.

    1. Dear Jim,
      Hello and thank you for your message! I think the root of my work at the bindery (and most likely for all 'book art people') is an incurable case of bibliophilia... I love working with papers and tools that have such long histories. One of my first pieces was an archival box for my collection of 16thC Rabelais books... They deserve a special home, surely! I can't wait to visit your blog and see what's new after all this time!
      Warm regards,

  2. Oh my, Erika, you have been busy! I like your new French Curve Letter Sorter and the hexagonal pencil holder, and also that you are showing how papers from clients can be used. I can imagine that the wedding picture frames were quite the project! Welcome back to the blogosphere from your hiatus, and I look forward to more postings!

    1. Hello hello Mark!
      Thank you for your note-- my 'busy-ness' pales in comparison to yours! I've just been binge reading over at ATR, and am stunned and inspired by your work... Amazing. It was like a dose of visual caffeine, and now I'm ready to dive into the day's work! It is a lucky thing to have a full plate of creative work, isn't it?
      Warm regards,

  3. Hi, Really great effort. Everyone must read this article. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Erika, are you still selling the Archival Storage Box?