18 April 2014

Bridge, anyone?

Parvum Opus provides custom made to order bridge sets
The new Bridge Set by Parvum Opus... Designed with the 
encouragement of some of our very knowledgeable and 
enthusiastic bridge-playing clients. 

After a hectic holiday season, spring brings a host of new projects and the bindery is buzzing with activity. Along with a new range of desk pads, desk organizers and and gift boxes, we've created two new game sets: a bridge set, shown above, and a playing card set, below. 

Parvum Opus provides custom made to order boxed playing card sets
Our playing card set features ribbon-tabbed card lifts 
for easy card removal- an elegant solution, don't you think?

While playing card game sets may seem to be a bit of a non sequitur for a bindery specializing in desk accessories, the design and development process has been quite familiar for us. We had several requests for bridge sets before the holidays, but only now have had the time to design all of the necessary elements. As it turns out, the skills we've until now put toward the production of our archival boxes and desk organizers have come in handy in designing these intricate boxes. 

Refillable bridge scoring tablets, made by hand and available
'a la carte' as a set of four. Making these is like making 

tiny desk blotters-- such fun! 

It was a wonderful collaboration with our clients as we elevated every detail of our bridge and card sets-- as my personal experience with cards is limited (!), their guidance was invaluable. Parvum Opus game sets are made to order in an array of beautiful papers from around the world. We hope that they make bridge and poker night even more enjoyable for our clients, just as our desk accessories make their work spaces more enjoyable.    

Bridge Set and Playing Card Boxed Set by Parvum Opus
Our Bridge Set and Playing Card Set. For more details,
we invite you to visit www.parvumopus.com.


  1. Hello Erika, Beautiful and well-made bridge and card accessories seem so much a part of mid-twentieth century America. I often see these when antiquing or at house sales, and they always invoke a certain nostalgia.

    Congratulations on so elegantly reviving this tradition.

    1. Hello Jim,
      Thank you for your message. I think you're absolutely right-- a night at home playing cards does seem very nostalgic! The most charming sets available to those who still keep the tradition alive are, as you said, the vintage or antique ones... Perhaps that's why we had those requests for a new design-- the current mass-produced bridge accessories tend to be quite uninspiring...
      Warm regards,

  2. Hello Erika,

    These card game sets look so chic! Each of the separate elements has obviously been given a great deal of thought and will surely be an absolute joy to not only look at but also use.

    The ribbon tags for lifting out the compartments are wonderfully elegant. The perfect solution for the problem of how to remove the items without spoiling the container. They will grace any piece of furniture they find their way on to. Has card playing ever been more fabulous?!

    1. Dear Jane and Lance,
      Thank you for your very kind words. We're enjoying the fun of stepping out beyond our usual commissions to make these sets for our very eager bridge- playing clients. We had no idea it was such a vibrant community! I suppose, especially now, connecting with dear friends over an evening of games and conversation is as precious as ever.
      Warm regards,

  3. Hello, Erika,

    I can appreciate the thought that went into designing a box of compartments, and the ingenuity required to ensure the strength of the final product. Of course the result is very handsome!

    Best wishes,

    1. Dear Mark,
      Thank you for visiting! Solving the structural puzzle of crafting something to be functional, sturdy and long-lasting is part of the fun of this sort of work. Perhaps it's the metalsmith in me that still loves the engineering of these objects...Fun!
      Warm regards,