06 August 2012

Welcome to the Parvum Opus Blog!

A sampling of our custom desk accessories

Welcome to the Parvum Opus Blog!  Here, we will post what we hope you'll agree is useful and interesting information on the decorative arts, desk and writing accessories, and more.
First, a brief introduction to our bindery:

Parvum Opus™ is a boutique bindery offering fine desk accessories made to order in the United States. We are proud to provide our clientele unique access to desk accessories professionally designed and fabricated according to the most exacting standards. Our desk accessories are made one piece at a time, using centuries-old bookbinding techniques, and come directly from the artists' hands to you. The elegant, modern design and fine materials allow our desk accessories to sit companionably with your finest antiques and objets d'art and make us a favorite among aesthetes and collectors. We craft all of our desk accessories using the finest book cloth, hand silk-screened Japanese Chiyogami papers, and fine Italian Florentine papers.

Parvum Opus is also pleased to offer book collectors and enthusiasts a handsome selection of ex libris, bookmarks and paper-wrapped American cedar pencils. All are carefully crafted in our Michigan bindery and are designed to coordinate with our desk accessories.

We cheerfully welcome your requests for bespoke desk accessories as well as any other
questions, comments or suggestions you might have. Please email us at info@parvumopus.com and we will promptly reply.

For more information on our work, we invite you to visit our bindery's website and online shop, www.parvumopus.com


  1. Dear Erika - Mark has introduced me to your lovely blog.
    In recent years I have become particularly interested in the art of bookbinding.
    My youngest son had a book of his linocuts done by a private press in the UK and he and my eldest son now have a book coming out showing eldest son's poems and youngest son's linocuts. I know that details of the book are to be showcased next weekend at the Oak Knoll Fest New Castle Delaware.

  2. Dear Rosemary,
    Thank you for your kind message! I'm honored to have been included in Mark's blog and am so pleased that he's introduced us. I understand completely how the book arts can draw one in: I trained as an artist printmaker, painter and metalsmith for both of my degrees.... But all along, I've collected rare and antique books, and some years back, began taking classes in bookbinding. It is such fascinating and rewarding work. I'd love to hear more about your sons' project-- what a wonderful experience for them to share in such a project. I've only had a moment to see your blog, but am already hooked! Spider's webs, Holbein....right up my alley! I can't wait to read more--thank you!
    With warm regards,Erika